1 Week To Go!

With just 1 week to go until the launch of Straight from the Lungs with a special live episode at this year's UKCFC, I've been doing some last minute things to prepare.



To make sure as many people know about Straight from the Lungs as possible, I'll be giving out flyers at the conference. I'm really happy with how they've turned out and it's really nice that people will get a quick glimpse at some of the stories featured in the podcast handwritten on the front. There's also a sneaky preview of the illustration for Episode 01 beautifully made by Vicky Neville and a quote from Luna, one of the people featured on the podcast. I also plan to distribute these to CF centres all over the UK to be given out to patients and parents, so if you want to make sure your centre gets their hands on some, please let me know!

18-09-04 thumbnail.jpg


Ladies and Gentlemen...

So alongside performing Straight from the Lungs at this year's conference, I've also been asked to host the whole of Day Two! If I was nervous before, I'm certainly nervous now. That aside, it was an incredible honour to be asked and it'll be wonderful to host an event like this about a topic so close to my heart... or should I say lungs? (apparently I'm a stand-up comedian...) Fortunately over the past year or so, I've had more experience than ever speaking in front of large crowds, so I think I'm ready. I'm scared but that's all the more reason to do it in my mind.

If you weren't able to get a ticket or weren't allowed to because of cross-infection, make sure to watch the conference live using the link above. Everything kicks off at 9am (UTC+1) and Straight from the Lungs LIVE will be taking place at 12.15! Make sure to let me know what you think of the podcast on social media.



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