Straight from the Lungs - Trailer

With 2 weeks to go until Straight from the Lungs finally launches, take a sneak peek at the show with the official trailer. I actually first created an early version of this trailer back at the start of 2017 before the main look and feel of the podcast was established. It sounds almost identical though.

The Idea

The inspiration for the main artwork for Straight for the Lungs and this trailer came from the tagline: real stories from real people. I wanted to do everything I could to emphasise the personal nature of the quotes you're hearing – not only by featuring the voices that spoke them, but bringing them to life by having them being written out. I almost imagine some of these quotes could appear in a diary or journal as thoughts and worries that many people in the Cystic Fibrosis community have, so I felt this was the perfect way to showcase them.

I wanted the video to begin with the concerns or fears that people affected by CF can have, highlighting the difficulties we can face and the lack of understanding from the outside world. As an antidote to that, I then made the mood shift to a more optimistic tone. You'll find this dichotomy of good and bad throughout every episode of Straight from the Lungs.

The Voices

I have spoken to many amazing people for the podcast and this trailer features some of them, they are: Charles, Siobhan, Luna, Andy, Morgan, Martine, Brittney, Beth V, Beth S, Gunnar, Ru, Pearl, and August.

The Music

One of my favourite aspects of Straight from the Lungs is the beautiful soundtrack composed by Ben Weatherill. The trailer features the main theme from the podcast, called "Peace".

Straight from the Lungs launches at the UK Cystic Fibrosis Conference on 11th September at 12.15. Make sure to watch the launch live and share your thoughts on social media using #lungspodcast.

ProductionWilliam Marler