Episode 07 - Hospital

Illustration by  Vicky Neville

Illustration by Vicky Neville


Hospital can feel like a second home for some people with Cystic Fibrosis. We have regular check-ups that last a couple of hours, and if we’re ill it can mean staying in hospital for a couple of weeks. We have many CF teams here in the UK, each with their own specialist staff.

People with Cystic Fibrosis are advised never to meet due to the risk of cross-infection, which can cause quite a few difficulties with work, charity events, and friendships.




Fiona is a physiotherapist at the Wolfson CF Centre in Nottingham. She speaks about how the lung function test can be used to determine the well-being of somebody with Cystic Fibrosis, including the significance of the resulting statistics. You can hear more from Fiona about the lung function test in this episode’s Extra Breaths.


Marlene was a social worker at Aberdeen City Hospital between 1983 and 1992. She speaks about being part of the team that assembled the first Cystic Fibrosis-specific team at the hospital and remembers the feisty group of young adults she cared for as part of the team.

Dr Jayesh Bhatt

Dr Jayesh Bhatt is a respiratory consultant at Nottingham Children’s Hospital. He speaks about the need for people with CF to spend periods of time in hospital as an inpatient and the benefit of receiving IV antibiotics from time to time. You can hear more from Dr Bhatt about inpatient hospital stays in this episode’s Extra Breaths.



Charles waited for a lung transplant for three years and had a strict hospital routine during that time. He'd spend two weeks in and two weeks out which, although a lot, was vital for him to remain healthy. He also tells the story of when he bumped into a friend with CF and had to quickly keep his distance.

I’m not in hospital to have fun, I’m there to get better.
— Charles


Martine was one of the founding members of Cystic Fibrosis Care, a charity designed to support people with CF in the 'here and now'. She speaks about how the charity are helping Cystic Fibrosis patients stay entertained whilst in hospital. Martine also discusses how the charity deals with cross-infection at their various events.



Siobhan explains how IV antibiotics don't always have to be given in hospital, and the benefit that can be had by staying at home during that time.

Dr Helen Barr

Dr Helen Barr is a respiratory consultant at the Wolfson CF Centre. She speaks about the implications of cross-infection within the Cystic Fibrosis community and why it’s so important for people with CF to never meet in person.



Oli is Director of Engagement at the Cystic Fibrosis Trust. Among their various staff, ten have CF, so the Trust employs a very rigorous cross-infection policy to keep everyone safe. He also discusses the various ways the Trust deal with cross-infection at charity events.



Morgan has always been relaxed about cross-infection with his close CF friends but still understands the significance of it. In the past, he's been involved with the More Than Just Me Foundation whose events are also more laid-back about cross-infection than some people are comfortable with.



George had an emergency hospital visit that left him with 30% lung function at one point. This motivated him to do everything he could to become as fit and healthy as possible with a strong diet and exercise routine. His passion is improving his life by 1% every single day. You can hear more from George about his amazing recovery in this episode’s Extra Breaths.


Presented and produced by William Marler.

Recorded at Birmingham City University.

Featuring the voices of Marlene, Charles, Martine, Siobhan, Oli, Morgan, George, and the adult CF team at Birmingham and Nottingham including Fiona, Andrew, Dr Jayesh Bhatt, and Dr Helen Barr.

Music by Ben Weatherill.

Illustration by Vicky Neville.

Thanks to Sam Lewis for his keen ear and ever-helpful advice.

William Marler